Phewwww… Finally, Superman got little time tonight to complete his unfinished blog :-) 

After Butterfly Lovers wrapped up, I was ready for tons of jobs that were lining up but never did I expect that the heavy workload... workload which I myself, someone who thinks himself as a Superman, finally came to feel tiredness in his life... WOW!!! To me, there are good and bad in every moment of my experiences that's why I've always told myself that I am lucky for all the opportunities and I will always cherish every moment and be responsible not only to myself but to everyone so I wont live a regretful life. No matter how tired I am, there's always happiness when it comes to visiting all the countries I've visited recently and here, I really wanna thank everyone from all parts of the world who has been supporting me all these while… 

The Philippines - Visiting Phil has always been my 1st priority! Although I've been to Phil a couple of times already, its always different when it comes to work and I've always loved to meet those who have supported us all these while... anyhow... mission accomplished!!! haha! "Maraming Salamat"! 

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