It was the NBA finals last month... managed to watch a few games but somehow could not find any excitement at all. Strange... I thought I've already lost interests in basketball so I took out my Michael Jordan collections and less than 20 minutes after watching his videos, I immediately wanted to buy a ball and play some games! Although Jordan has been out of the limelight for so long, his influence to me is still as powerful as it was 5 or 20 years back and no other players can ever replace him because he has and will always be the only one in my heart and that's enough for a faithful guy like me :-) Michael Jordan changed the world of basketball as to how Michael Jackson changed the world of music and entertainment! Sometimes, I really cannot believe myself not playing playing basketball for 5 years already and it seems like I've almost given up on basketball but because of him, I never will and I can clearly see myself competing in tournaments in the future! 

Goodbye Michael Jackson! 

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