Honestly, from the day I was born, I've never thanked my parents for bringing me into this world, especially my mum knowing how painful and tiring it was giving birth to me! Well, it's not that I don't apppreciate it but I just never thought of it til recently when I came to read the messages that most of you left thanking my parents for bringing me into this world! Sigh, I guess I was really clumsy and stupid as all I could think of was how to celebrate my birthday... haha! So, in the future all of us must remember to thank our parents during our birthdays by giving them gifts or at least celebrating with them, yeah? 

Come to think of it, I have nearly reached the middle stage of my life! Have I seriously thought of what I wanna achieve or what I have achieved? 

What I have achieved...YES! I am so 'Happy & Fortunate' to be loved and supported by so many of you :-) 

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