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Happy Birthday to MR. Goh Kiat Chun!!! 

This year, it's SPECIAL... Brought back memories of my younger years! Since one year old, my family celebrated my birthday in the most traditional way and I LOVE THAT! We would invite friends and relatives to our house and usually, the birthday boy need not do anything, right? But, that's not me! I am the kind of person who love to help out in the kitchen and also wanna make sure the house is in a 'Merry Merry' atmosphere! Maybe I'm influenced greatly by my mum... 

My mum has always been the busiest person during my birthday. She would make sure the house is ready for all the guests and at the same time have a good feast so all our guests will leave our house with a big round stomach :-) I miss those times! Since leaving us, I haven't got a chance to celebrate birthday the way when she was still around and that is why this year's birthday is full of memories... 

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Hey 1010... Congratulations!

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編註: 一定要備份吳尊網誌,因為城邦已經不續約了,等2010年底就會消失~


Time flies...

It has been 8 years since my mum left me...

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Remember where I was and what I did back in June 2008? 

What about June 2009? 

And now, it's June 2010! 

If you guys can remember, you must be surprised that every June for 3 consecutive years, I've been filming in China! :-) 

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Finally, a well deserved break for me during the CNY :-) 


Yeah... been busy most of the time esp. during the last quarter of year 2009, I thought I deserved a long break in 2010 and that was it!!! 

Fitness Zone needed me, my family needed me and GKC needed Wu Chun coz GKC has got huge responsibilities in Brunei! 

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Happy Chinese New Year, GONG XI FA CAI and 紅包拿來... hahaa! 

Woo Hoooo... It‘s my favourite time of the year again because it’s Chinese New Year :-) 

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   Words are hard to describe this tragic event!
To the rest of the world - this is another wake up call for us... It's really frustrating and how can mother nature do this to us again and again?

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   Around this time of the year as always, I would look at what I have done throughout the year, hoping that I have lived an 'EXPANSIVE'life... One that would expand my horizons and had live 2009 with full of worthiness!

Did I?

Well, I guess I did live 2009 without much regrets!

I've visited uncountable number of cities that gave chance to visit you guys...

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It has been quite some time since I watched a movie with my dad... 

MJ's 'This is it!' has always been in my 'must-do' list and I am glad to have watched in during Halloween's night :-) 

The theater was fully packed and I could feel everyone's excitement for MJ's final show! 

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Honestly, from the day I was born, I've never thanked my parents for bringing me into this world, especially my mum knowing how painful and tiring it was giving birth to me! Well, it's not that I don't apppreciate it but I just never thought of it til recently when I came to read the messages that most of you left thanking my parents for bringing me into this world! Sigh, I guess I was really clumsy and stupid as all I could think of was how to celebrate my birthday... haha! So, in the future all of us must remember to thank our parents during our birthdays by giving them gifts or at least celebrating with them, yeah? 

Come to think of it, I have nearly reached the middle stage of my life! Have I seriously thought of what I wanna achieve or what I have achieved? 

What I have achieved...YES! I am so 'Happy & Fortunate' to be loved and supported by so many of you :-) 

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090909 is a special day for me... It's my mum's 7th death anniversary. Sigh, time really flies and never could I imagine 7 years has lapsed! 

During the past 7 years, I've grown up and became a strong person and due of my mum's influence in me, I've always told myself to remember what she has taught me and never to disobey any of her teachings... I would like to be someone she hoped I will become and most important of all, I want her to rest in peace. 

Approaching 30 Years of age, I could feel myself being protected by my mum each and every single day and I know whatever difficulties I might face in the future, she will always be with me and be my SUPER guardian angel. 

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Guess lots of you have been waiting for me to update my blog... 

Well, it's be the first time having no instinct on what to write! 

Honestly, there are many things going round my head recently... perhaps it's due to too much ups and downs recently... 

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It was the NBA finals last month... managed to watch a few games but somehow could not find any excitement at all. Strange... I thought I've already lost interests in basketball so I took out my Michael Jordan collections and less than 20 minutes after watching his videos, I immediately wanted to buy a ball and play some games! Although Jordan has been out of the limelight for so long, his influence to me is still as powerful as it was 5 or 20 years back and no other players can ever replace him because he has and will always be the only one in my heart and that's enough for a faithful guy like me :-) Michael Jordan changed the world of basketball as to how Michael Jackson changed the world of music and entertainment! Sometimes, I really cannot believe myself not playing playing basketball for 5 years already and it seems like I've almost given up on basketball but because of him, I never will and I can clearly see myself competing in tournaments in the future! 

Goodbye Michael Jackson! 

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Lots of traveling during the month of April.... 

Shanghai, Beijing, Hang Zhou, Luo Yang, HK, Tokyo, Nara, Maldives, Singapore, Heng Dian and of course only a few days in Taiwan! 

As per my previous blog, April was a 'Decision Month' for me in which I could hardly sit back, relax and think about everything properly... haha! However, I ought to clear up a very big misunderstanding re my previous blog. 可能是我打英文讓一些人誤會了 :-) In fact, that decision wasn't related to my contract at all... it was more into what I need to do in the next coming few months. Hope you guys understand now :-) 

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Lots of emotions lately... 

Once again... 'Life' is so unpredictable! 

My utmost fear in my whole life is losing someone close to me! That's the only fear I have right now... The rest, I am not afraid... 

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Angry, upset and truly felt sorry to all the crew and crowds from the concert! 

I could hardly sleep after the 1st night of the concert...Why? 

My worries and stress are unexplainable! Due to my condition, I was so worried with what was going to happen to my 2nd night performance! To what extent can I endure the pain? How far can I go? Will it affect the crowds and atmosphere of the whole concert? 

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The older we become, the more we realise what 'LOVE' is... The best part of being in Showbiz is being able to receive so much love and care from so many of you around the world. Never have I imagined this would happen to me and every moment has been a touching one! I felt like i have so many friends everywhere... I guess most of you will acknowledge me as your friend when the time comes, right? haha! 

Well, Love provides us with memories that we may treasure for the rest of our lives... 

Just like now... Just like what has happened to us all these while :-) 

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Can’t wait to share my happiness with all of you I never felt so relaxed since the break that was taken 2 years ago and yes…it’s also during this wonderful festive season ‘Chinese New Year’. 

Yeah, I admit that I am so fond of Chinese New Year…hahaa! This year, I had been to many places and brought back lots of wonderful memories! Oh my god, I don’t know how to describe my feelings now… My holiday is coming to an end and I haven’t had enough yet!!!

Sigh! Happy but also feeling sad at the same time I want a longer break nextyear…hahaaa! 

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Going through my 2008 blog entries and a recap of what i have gone through this year, don't you all think 2008 has been a great year for me? First Movie, First Concert, so many great activities, opportunities to travel to so many cities around the world and meeting so many of you, being the spokesperson for many reutable brands and NO DOUBT that 2008 has made all of us get closer and closer :-) 

Like what I've always said, everything has its first time and it's up to you if you have the courage to try it and yes i've always had the courage and most of it comes from my mother, my family, michael jordon, and of course, all of you :-) I know some of you ever told me that i should also thank myself for putting effort to do my best in ever challenge i made...Well, i did thank myselfy and that's why i cherish my everyday and never forget to treat myself with all the delicious food...haha! If there's a holiday for me in the near future, I will be going for a vacation too as that's I love and what I've been longing for... 

Well, i realized the word "PATIENCE" is very important in our life especially in Showbiz! Aiming for the best in everything and having high expectations could give oneself tremendous pressure and stress but i guess these are my personalities as i either do my best or i don't do at all... I don't wish to regret or waste my time and I guess time proofs that I guess i've never regretted til and everything is well worth it! Always learn to be Patient like me ya....hahaa.

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