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Time flies...

It has been 8 years since my mum left me...

There have been good and bad things which we believe will not happen to us but eventually, some bad things still come. I guess that's the reason why there is a saying "Expect the unexpected!"

8 years without my mum by my side, I have learnt to live stronger year after year.

Fear does not stop me from trying...
Hardship does not stop me from giving up!

I have accomplished things never would I expect to accomplish in my life and it is truly a miracle to me...

My desire to open the best Health Club in Brunei,
My on-going challenges to become a better actor and a singer,
My willpower in dealing with all sorts of pressure coming from showbiz environment despite staying alone in a foreign country,
My sacrifice of leaving everything back home in Brunei,
And the special relationship we 'together' have created  for each other!

All these miracles will not come about without the influence and guidance from my mum. Since the day she left us, I told myself I must not let her worry about me... I know it is impossible for us to communicate again but what I can do is to try my very best in everything I do in my everyday life and i always believe she can see it! Life could be unfair to her but I hope with my own effort, I could make it up to her as much as possible by being a better person and hoping to teach others to love and cherish before it's too late!

From the moment I found out my mum has got cancer, the determination to explore every possibilities became stronger and stronger and though I did not manage to help her at the end of the day, she still made me realise that never giving up might not give us what we want but we will live life with less regrets!

You know what...I was a very competitive basketball player in my younger age.... I remember her telling me that in every competition I don't have to win all the time as long as I have tried my best! She dont want to see me angry and she wanted me to understand it's not a big deal to lose! Back then, it was not easy for me to do that but after she passed away, winning or losing is no longer a big deal to me and I think this is the biggest achievement i ever had as I am not afraid to 'TRY' anymore!  I'm not saying I don't mind losing because who doesn't wanna win after they have done their best, right? However, it hurts more coz when you lose, you are just making your life more miserable and yet,  it's not going to change anything at all :-)

Learn from me, learn from my mum :-)

Oh yeah, the recent Shanghai Pond's event made me really happy... All the efforts towards charity from my guardian angels really touched my heart! We contributed more than RMB250,000 and it is truly a team effort by all of us... There is a saying, " 一人一半,感情才不會散!” :-) I love doing things like this together and though I couldn't go back for my mum's death anniversary, I have done what she has taught me to do and the best thing of all is experiencing it with all of you! Simply wonderful... Thank you all :-)

Last of all, I'm extremely tired lately and I only slept for less than 15 hours in 6 days due to tons of work! A bit frustrated because this kind of work hours is not only unhealthy and inefficient, I know my mum will be extremely worried and unhappy should she be alive and I felt really bad! Well, I know there is nothing I could do now but I hope things will get better sooner or later :-)

Remember, dont sweat over the small stuffs...Its not a big deal ya :-)

Quote to share: -

"The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand." Vince Lombardi










我想這就是為什麼有句話叫做「Expect the unexpected ! (期望不預期的事情)」


















"成功的代價是在工作上的磨練和貢獻,以及不計較得失, 盡全力去做的決心"
- 文斯‧隆巴迪 



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