Hey 1010... Congratulations!
Sunshine Angel has finally wrapped up!

Hmmm... 開心, 捨不得, 期待  和 一種興奮的成就感 :-)

I think this is the first time experiencing such hardship and pressure from filming. It could be due to my hectic schedule and most of all from this very challenging role! 可以承受辛苦是一種人生偉大的成就感... If everything is so easy, it would be meaningless, right?

拍陽光天使也讓我得到非常多新的嘗試!I really wanna share it with all of you but just not at this moment... 你們只能欺待吧 :-) There are so many happy memories from filming... We've been to many places including Shanghai, Okinawa and all over Taiwan... all leaving me with great memories. I've had such a wonderful time with 劇組的工作人員 because they are really pro in their field and are fun to get along with and 也因為這樣讓我更放得開 :-) 

Traveling with a big group of people is always something very exciting whether for work or vacation! It reminded me of the times spent with my basketball team visiting different cities and competing internationally. This is something I hope to have the chance to experience again in the future... maybe I should consider joining the Brunei Senior (above 40 years old) basketball team next time yeah... haha! As of now, I am hoping to join the Senior Michael Jordan Flight School Program whereby I could spend time with MJ and play basketball with him but I need to wait till I'm 35! :-)

Ok, what's next?

Of course, it's my Big day 101010!!!

My feeling is 十全十美 right now :-)

Our 4th album is released and I'm getting excited as we have more opportunity to meet up again!

And YES, I managed to squeeze time to hold a birthday party in taipei on the 4th of Oct and most importantly, the reason why I look forward to this day is because there's charity, basketball and my super guardian angels during this special day!!! I can already imagine how happy i will be but of course, No present ok :-)

What else?

Of course it's my 3 days off... All I wanna say is Never never give up and always keep HOPE ALIVE :-) After fighting hard for this mission impossible, I was finally granted 7 days off in the end!!! How wonderful is that? In fact, my initial plan was to go back for 3 days to celebrate birthday with my family as it's been 5 years since celebrating birthday in Brunei and this is just NOT RIGHT!

Besides that, I've got another important mission to complete and yes, you're right... My baby has been waiting too long and it's time for me to spend valuable amount of time doing the final touch up and hope my newly born Fitness Zone is ready to open some time in November :-)

As much as you could imagine, I need to stay really focused during these 7 days and I wanna be GKC, not WU CHUN and the only way to achieve this is with the help of you guys.

I absolutely do not wish anyone to visit me in Brunei and i hope all of you who cares for me can respect my decision for once...Got it? Understood? Promise? Deal? YES? OK, I heard it... Thank you so much in advance for being so thoughtful :-)

Quote to share: - 
"You have a very powerful mind that can make anything happen as long as you keep yourself centered." Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.



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