2006-11-11 Dont worry :-)

另外,11月對我來說是一個很棒的月份因為我聽說東方茱麗葉會於下週三(11月15日)晚上11:00首播,香港有線電視台逢週一至五,再加上我的新劇“花樣少年少女” 在11月9號也會在台灣播出…Wow!!! 我真的感到非常興奮也等不及想趕快看到“花樣少年少女”,因為這部戲是我以我的聲音親自配音的一部戲,所以對我來說是跟大家最直接最親密的溝通﹗﹗﹗ 



By the way,Nov is a great month for me because i am really happy to know that TOKYO JULIET will be telecast in Hong Kong and In taiwan, my new tv drama 'HANAKIMI' will also be on air on the 19th of Nov too..Wow!!! I am really excited and really cant wait to see Hanakimi because i will be using my own voice this time and it makes me feel closer to you guys!!! 

Thats all for now! 

Take care and rest well when you have the time ok!

New discovery - 'A banana a day keeps you away from the doctor!'


2006-11-25 內地宣傳的感想

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Lastly, I am very happy about the ratings of HANAKIMI last week and THANKS to you guys again! I hope the ratings will continue to shoot higher because the story will get more funny and more interesting...Hope this drama will give happiness to everyone of you at the end of a stressful week and start the coming week with a fresh attitude towards your work or education!
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"Try to have fun in everything you do. Hapiness begins with a smile. And becoming what you want starts with doing it! "




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