My greatest ‘Gratitude’ to everyone for the success of the opening of Fitness Zone 2nd branch! 

Whether it’s my supporters and media who came all the way from overseas, my friends, family or even those who couldn’t make it there, I am more than thankful for all the best wishes!

For those made it there, I know you guys put in great effort to be part of this big day of mine. Of course, I won’t be mentioning all of your sacrifices because I know its more than anyone can imagine but I am really glad that most of you had a great memory in Brunei :-) 

For those who couldn’t make it, it doesn’t matter because I truly understand that everyone has their own obligations but I know you guys have given your most sincere wishes to make sure that day would be a successful one! I am really touched by the flowers and cards from you guys and your sincerity really surprised me!!! 

Whether it’s my showbiz career, my business in Brunei or even my personal life, all of you have really supported and wished all the best for me all these while. To me, it is indeed very thoughtful and kind of all of you and I know you guys just wanted me to be happy in life. I have always kept this principle in my mind so don't worry about me, ok! I will make sure I will lead a happy life now and in the future and so must you! Actually, going through difficult times doesn’t mean that I am not happy but it's the challenge that I love to face to make my life a little more different. 

Actually, coming back to Taiwan from Brunei recently was in fact the most unbearable for me because the feeling was like leaving your baby behind reluctantly after being born! How I wish I could spend a little more time to ensure that its smooth operations… but well, I just have to give up thinking about it! :-) 

Now, I’ve got to go back to my Showbiz career as there are tons of activities coming up and guess what??? You guys are going to see more of me (perhaps even appearing in your dreams) haha! 

Lastly, a very HEALTHY n’ HAPPY CHINESE VALENTINE’S DAY to all of you today… ENJOY:-) 

Quote to share: -

To be successful in life, we must neither underestimate nor overestimate our own abilities!

Keep on trying....



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