Its been 16 months since our 1st album were released! I could still remember no one really knew I was part of Fahrenheit back then :-) But with all our 2 years great effort, we are glad that most people now know about Fahrenheit and of course thanks to all the huge support from so many of you around the globe that made Fahrenheit where we stand today!

Our album promotional trip in Mainland China can be regarded as a happy and also a sad one! First, very Happy indeed seeing so many new and regular faces whether it’s the media or all our supporters :-) But Sadness came the moment when we gotta leave... In fact, I totally understand why some of you even cried coz we hardly see each other and have to be apart in such a short stay! Its sad but at least we met right? I will definitely try to talk to my company so we will be given more opportunity to travel around the world in 2008 and meet you guys up, ok?

2008 Concert – Good News! It was surprising at our HK press conference when we heard from our directors that our very 1st Asia tour concert would be held this year! It's a dream come true coz besides the singing part, I have always thought of how I want our 1st concert performance to look like! You might think it’s still a long way to go but due of our busy schedule, we need to plan early and I am also anticipating to discuss my ideas with my company… I’ve got lots of ideas and if they are all achievable, I am sure our 1st concert performance would be an exciting one… haha! Day dreaming again…

Chinese New Year –I actually thought I never have the chance to go back since we only have 2 days break but after the kind consideration from my 2 companies, they agreed with 3 days!!! WOW... I can really head back to Brunei and celebrate Chinese New Year with my friends and family!!! So So HAPPY :-) Oh ya… I heard some of you have plans to follow me back but I strongly suggest “DON’T DON’T DON’T” because I will spend most of my time at home and at my relatives’ house. I really don't wish to see u guys doing nothing and feeling upset during the Chinese New Year because you really won’t be able to see me at all. Hey, it’s once a year celebration!!! Go into the ‘GONG XI FA CAI’ apirit and spend this special event with your family and friends, ok? Its time to Enjoy yourself, eat nice food, gamble, gossip, catch up... and a good excuse for you to wear RED from head to toe :-) How good is that?

Being a designer for Guerlain – Actually, this is something I’ve longed for in the past and I am really glad that I finally got the chance to design my 1st piece of work in my showbiz career! I’ve never been to a designing course but I’ve always loved designing anything that is related to my work… Most of the stuff in my Brunei Health Club are my masterpiece haha!!! But I have to admit it’s definitely not 100 points but to an average person who’ve never been to a designing course, I think I am above the passing mark :-) All the designs on the interior, floorings, layout, partitions, walls, lightings, audio systems and even the furnishings were of my own ideas. Although some aren’t that nice looking, who cares, right… haha! I am happy and i just love it. Same thing goes to the accessory I designed for Guerlian :-) At least, I received comments from those who’ve seen it and they said it’s a nice and creative design… Hope there is more to come in the future, ya!

By the way, have you had your fruits yet? Remember… Don’t be LAZY!!! Got to stay energetic and healthy because New Year is coming  

5 New Year Resolutions: - 

I will live below my means.

I will not put off my dreams any longer.

I will improve my knowledge of my line of work.

I will do something out of the ordinary.

I will treat my body better than before.


Upcoming Activities: - 

Jan 26th Guerlain activity @ Taipei

Jan 28th 愛戀的活動

Feb 16th Guerlain activity @ Tai Chung

Feb 1623rd Guerlain activity @ Kao Siong

Feb 24th Japan for Album Promotion

March 7th-10th Singapore and Malaysia for Romantic Princess Promotion

March 15th Hong Kong for Romantic Princess Promotion 


Quote to Share: - 

Care more than others think wise, risk more than others think safe, dream more than others thinks practical, expect more than others think possible. 

Hey dude, Go for that extra mile!


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