Actually, this was the day when HANAKIMI was aired, a drama that initiates in Taiwan and leaded me to HK, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Japan and most importantly, the recognition of a guy named Wu Chun to all of you in every part of this world. 

I could still remember rejecting the role at that point of time as we had to focus on our debut album and showbiz was still a very faraway thing for me. That was why initially I intended to use most of my time preparing myself for our 1st album... 

2 years have passed and I cannot stop telling myself how lucky I was to be part of this drama. Maybe this is fate... I guess that's also one of the reasons why I am not afraid to face any kinds of circumstances in my showbiz career anymore. A very fortunate me who got 'nothing to lose' and of course due to Hanakimi, which brought me to the many opportunities leading to where I am standing now. 

It was indeed a good start for me and after 2 solid years which HANAKIMI has aired, I still wanna thank all of you again for recognizing me in Hanakimi and for giving me so many chances and encouragements all these while. Honestly, it's not easy for a drama to bring so much of an impact to the viewers... That's why I have always cherished these memories and all the powerful feedbacks by you all have been the biggest strength ever since and for all my future challenges. 

Hanakimi... I love you! 

Seems like some things have come to an end recently but more will soon to start again... First-ever Fahrenheit concert, Butterfly Lovers and Hot shot just ended! I have heard and observed a lot recently and the support you guys have given me have been amazing... WOW! All the flowers, all the gifts, all the cards, all the hard work of encouraging people to watch my debut movie, etc. I know all these arrangements used up a lot of your time, courage and effort. I know it guys... and how I wish I could do something for all of you in return... Really, Thank you! 

Last of all, everything is going very fast recently but I am glad I've got the chance to experience and learn new things in each and every circle of my life. Up-coming activities will still be our concert but this time would be more challenging as its our task to make it more entertaining than before. 3rd album will be released Dec 2008... Excited, guys? Can't wait for our new songs, right? Well, 1 month to go and you will be going super 'Hyper Active' !!! 

Quote to share: - 

Lots of hardwork can only give you a little success.

Never stop working hard!


Upcoming Activities: - 

6th Dec Taiwan - Golden Horse Film Festival 

9th Dec Japan - Taiwan Tourism Press Conference

14th Dec Taiwan - Nikken Kobayashi activity

19th Dec Singapore - Fahrenheit Fantasy Concert

20th Dec Macau - Music festival


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