Welcome to Taiwan! 

Being one of the ambassadors for Taiwan, it's such a great honor and really feel proud to earn this title! Taiwan was first known to the West as Ilha Formosa... Beautiful island, exciting festivals all year round, great culture and a gourmet's paradise... I have always loved traveling and since Taiwan is a great place to visit, we are all very excited to let you discover an island which is beyond your expectations! 

I also want to thank our supporters in Taiwan because they play a very important role! Why? Because they've taken care of our supporters who came from other countries... Thinking that all of you from different parts of the world could make friends with each other made me feel great! Lets 'TOUCH THEIR HEART' together :-)


Golden Horse Award 

Remember I told you guys I was nervous? Well, yeah... in fact I was really nervous when I was about to walk out from the car but when I heard the voices and saw the faces of many of you who went there to support me, it certainly surprised me and of course even calmed me down! I told myself I must not let you all down...haha! Honestly, I never expected seeing you guys and I know you guys thought I might not be able to notice that's why you guys brought light boards and banners, right? Really 貼心! Once again, a big thank you to all of you who either went there or who are at home supporting me spirituality. That really helps a lot. 


Here comes the last month of the year 2008! 

Have the feeling of excitement now due to our 3rd album and 2009 countdown concert in Beijing… 

Our 3rd album is specially dedicated to all our supporters who made so much an effort all these while in so many different ways to support us. Guys, pay attention to the lyrics of ‘Love you more and more’! We are going to Sing it out loud and that's when you know how much we appreciate all of you…haha! Imagine If you guys can sing with us… WOW, the atmosphere will be so touching and warm. 

Concert in Singapore was awesome and we promise to perform much better in all of our upcoming concert. ok? The concert in Beijing will be a totally a new experience for us as it's a 4 sided stage and no doubt that we will have more interactions with all of you this time. I believe this will be a totally SPECIAL and MEMORABLE experience in our music career and I believe the crowds will feel the same excitement as i would!! Its a rare chance coz I doubt we will hold our own concert again during NEW YEAR EVE’S in the future so this might be a once in a life time opportunity and guess what??? I even designed a T-shirt to commemorate this special day!!!


Quote to share

To the world, you may just be someone, but to someone you may be the whole world!

Love yourself,

Dare to love!



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