Going through my 2008 blog entries and a recap of what i have gone through this year, don't you all think 2008 has been a great year for me? First Movie, First Concert, so many great activities, opportunities to travel to so many cities around the world and meeting so many of you, being the spokesperson for many reutable brands and NO DOUBT that 2008 has made all of us get closer and closer :-) 

Like what I've always said, everything has its first time and it's up to you if you have the courage to try it and yes i've always had the courage and most of it comes from my mother, my family, michael jordon, and of course, all of you :-) I know some of you ever told me that i should also thank myself for putting effort to do my best in ever challenge i made...Well, i did thank myselfy and that's why i cherish my everyday and never forget to treat myself with all the delicious food...haha! If there's a holiday for me in the near future, I will be going for a vacation too as that's I love and what I've been longing for... 

Well, i realized the word "PATIENCE" is very important in our life especially in Showbiz! Aiming for the best in everything and having high expectations could give oneself tremendous pressure and stress but i guess these are my personalities as i either do my best or i don't do at all... I don't wish to regret or waste my time and I guess time proofs that I guess i've never regretted til and everything is well worth it! Always learn to be Patient like me ya....hahaa.


After all of my challenges and experiences in 2008, I Know many of you are worried if I've had enough and whether i might leave showbiz, right? well, although i could be superman, i am still a human being afterall and i've got feelings and affections too :-) Especially after attending the Golden Horse Awards, concerts of Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok and Kylie Minouge, I've got a super strange feeling and felt so proud of them for being so hard working and staying so humble in this business for so long! i can see so many of thier supporteds who have been supporting them for so long and i could feel how the will feel if their idols!


Compared to many artists, i've gone through a lot in these 3 years and it wasn't easy but i could say i'm ver fortunate! My hardwork is not going down the drain and many people gave me great opportunities to try, though mistakes were there, I learnt from it! I know all of you felt happy that i Have been given great opportunites and seeing me grow little by little! Honestly, you will never know how grateful i am for all the support whether big or small and it's a pleasure for giving me a chance to bring a little happiness into your lives.


Last of all i wanna let you guys know that i will continue to learn work, work hard, be patient, humble, thankful and i will try to be someone where people respect and proof to you guys that the person you are supporting is worth support for.


Love You all..HOpe all of us cherish everthing that comes along and a "Big Cheers" to 2009 and another chance for us to GET IT RIGHT!


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"Life is a challenge, meet it! Life is a dream, realize it! Life is a game, play it! Life is Love, enjoy it!"



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