Lots of traveling during the month of April.... 

Shanghai, Beijing, Hang Zhou, Luo Yang, HK, Tokyo, Nara, Maldives, Singapore, Heng Dian and of course only a few days in Taiwan! 

As per my previous blog, April was a 'Decision Month' for me in which I could hardly sit back, relax and think about everything properly... haha! However, I ought to clear up a very big misunderstanding re my previous blog. 可能是我打英文讓一些人誤會了 :-) In fact, that decision wasn't related to my contract at all... it was more into what I need to do in the next coming few months. Hope you guys understand now :-) 

Well, whether I should attend lessons abroad and go back Brunei OR filming in a drama and movie? Finally, it refers back to my zodiac sign - A Libran decides to stay in balance... 

New movie - 14 BLADES - You guys have waited long enough for my next coming movie and now you've got it... After 13 months off screen, 14 BLADES is now in my schedule! Actually, we communicated with the production company since last year and I am very grateful with Director Daniel Lee for giving me this opportunity. His sincerity from the first day we met indeed touched my heart coz he really hope I would accept this role and though there were obstacles along the way, he never stopped trying! 

I really love this script and this role is refreshingly new and undoubtedly challenging for me. I know I will learn a lot from this movie PLUS working with such great casts and crew, what else need I long for, right? I still remember taking pics with Donnie Yen when I was filming Butterfly Lovers and that time he was shooting IP Man at the same filming location and I told him " 希望有一天可以跟你合作" and here it is... this is really 緣份 :-) Honestly, i am really nervous but at the same time, i am really looking forward to this new learning experience! Hey, This is just the beginning of 14 BLADES.... more to share with you all in the coming future :-) I guess my only regret right now is being stubborn all these while not to take very good care on my ankle previously! I actually thought I could rest for some time and started only to worry when I have confirmed the role...以後不會不聽話了! 

Balance Balance Balance.... There are always things that we all wanna do but sometimes we just need to learn to let go of certain things and as long as we try our very best in the things we do. ... Hey, No Regrets! After deciding not to accept any role in dramas recently, I guess i might have a little spare time doing things that I mentioned in my previous blog now:-) Oh yeah, there is another thing which I've always wanted to do... Unfortunately, it has to remain 'Confidential', as of now, it's still a mission that is hard to achieve. I will keep trying, trying and trying :-) Don't guess too hard or else you won't be able to sleep... haha! 

As i have been to so many places and seen so many of you, I know it's really 辛苦 to support an artist. Truthfully it's also not easy for an artist to return all the loves and supports to all his supporters....hahaa! As tired as we can be, 我們大家都很用心 and would always encourage each other and give a warm smiles to make the days of one another wonderful :-) 

We should learn to Forgive n Forget, we should 包容 each other and we should be generous...You know what? Seeing others Happy is a state of Contentment, isnt it?Life is NEVER about being 'Calculative'! Well, this is how I feel... Honestly, I am really GRATEFUL that a huge portion of my supporters are really understanding and faithful. I can see it, i can feel it and i really appreciate it deep down inside my heart! I can feel that many of you 'just' want me to be happy no matter what and vice versa. Likewise, i also want to see u all happy! 

Remember I said on my Shanghai concert? "I will Never Give Up On All Of You". You guys are part of my life now and that's why I love so much to share my experiences and pics I took in my blog with all of you. Never give up means NEVER GIVE UP... A promise is a PROMISE! Even if i really leave showbiz in the future, we can still be in touch, gather and we can get crazier... haha :-) 

Last of all, Superman will take care of himself during my <14 BLADES> filming process so don't worry, ok :-) 

A reminder again - Eat more fruits and drink more water. 

Quote to share: -

The way to happiness: keep your heart free from hate, your mind from worry. Live simply, expect little, give much. Fill your life with love. Scatter sunshine. Forget self, think of others:-) 

Remember...Happiness doesn't depend upon who you are or what you have; it depends solely on what you think! 

Try this for a week and you will be surprised :-)



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