It was the NBA finals last month... managed to watch a few games but somehow could not find any excitement at all. Strange... I thought I've already lost interests in basketball so I took out my Michael Jordan collections and less than 20 minutes after watching his videos, I immediately wanted to buy a ball and play some games! Although Jordan has been out of the limelight for so long, his influence to me is still as powerful as it was 5 or 20 years back and no other players can ever replace him because he has and will always be the only one in my heart and that's enough for a faithful guy like me :-) Michael Jordan changed the world of basketball as to how Michael Jackson changed the world of music and entertainment! Sometimes, I really cannot believe myself not playing playing basketball for 5 years already and it seems like I've almost given up on basketball but because of him, I never will and I can clearly see myself competing in tournaments in the future! 

Goodbye Michael Jackson! 

The King of Pop or should I say… Michael was The King of 'MUSIC', everywhere! I remember how 'Thriller' freaked me out when I was still a kid... I am laughing now, thinking how I scared I was while watching the Thriller MV back then. I also remember how I used to imitate his signature dance move, the 'Moonwalk' and his 'Robot-style Breakdance' :-) Also, whenever Calvin tries to beatbox, I would mix in a bit of 'Smooth Criminal' rhythm into his tempo! He influenced many many generations. I guess I'm considered lucky to be able to witness his concert that was held in Brunei and no doubt at all, it was the best concert I've ever seen because he was such a great performer! 

During the year 1996, I still remember myself buying my first 2 copies of Laser Disc (Michael Jordan Space Jam movie and Michael Jackson Dangerous short film) through the internet and that was also the first time I placed an order through online catalog... 2 weeks before he passed away, I got another DVD of his 'Dangerous' tour concert! I also remember the great joy of watching Michael Jackson teaching Michael Jordan how to dance, how Michael Jordan taught him play basketball when they teamed up for the 'JAM' music video! Can u imagine that? The most influential man in basketball in the same video with one of the most influential men in music? It is something that still amazes me to this day! 

Here is something that i would like u all to know as well... A bit shy for me to say it but i think it's a proud thing to let you guys know! Very often, I would sing 'You are not alone' during my shower coz it kinda give me a warm feeling and energy especially when I am staying alone in taiwan. Same goes to the song 'Heal the World' and 'We are the World' because they are both very peaceful and meaningful songs! Well, something we need to learn from this icon is his passion and great generousity in charitable work. Though I seldom mention about him, I think that's how a true legend like him can influence everyone so deeply! I believe he will miss all of his supporters very much and vice versa... Let us all remember him for all the great joy he has brought to us and his music will live forever in our heart. 

Life is not always how we want it to be! As an artist, we have so much feelings in so many cities but we can only be in one place at a time! I travel to different countries all the time and never will I know when I will be back to the same city again! Thus, the airport is always a very emotional place for me especially when I have to part with my family, friends and the terrible feeling of seeing a city disappear slowly during takeoff! But, one thing is for sure... Wherever I go, I always receive so much love and smile from so many of you... I am really thankful for that! 

Quote from Michael Jackson: - 

If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.


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