Guess lots of you have been waiting for me to update my blog... 

Well, it's be the first time having no instinct on what to write! 

Honestly, there are many things going round my head recently... perhaps it's due to too much ups and downs recently... 

Really happy that I've managed to overcome the big challenges I've faced in the 14 blades filming process... 

And like everyone else... Stressed over issues encountered in work/personal life and... 

Of course, very sad over the 88 disaster in Taiwan!


In life, we can be very happy now but the next minute, we can be extremely sad... Sigh, 做人真的不容易! I have been thinking about life and... it's really full of uncertainty! Imagine, if you happened to be one of the victims in the disaster? Or perhaps, you have lost someone you love or even perhaps you are no longer alive now! Isn't it scary? 

Sometimes, we do regret when we don't cherish things we still have but regretting makes us change the way you look at things in our future! You either lose hope in life or you CHERISH more in life and I always believe it's never too late to realise our faults, change and CHERISH! 

I've experienced few huge life-changing experiences before my showbiz career and during this point of time, I also get to experience things in which most people can never fully understand or get to experience at all! Life is unbelievable for me and through all these, 我覺得我成長了比很多人更快 and I would love to share all my experiences with people whom I love and hope we can truly 成長 together :-) of course all of us don't share the same vision but I insist to share what I've learnt which some of could take into consideration... haha! Sharing ideas/real life experiences, I can say, is part of my personality because there is nothing to lose and I always believe the more ideas you will be receiving, the more you will learn and the lesser mistakes you will make :-) 

'Never Stop Learning' - One of Michael Jordan's principle in life is something that we should always keep in mind :-) Recently, many of my surrounding friends are unhappy - Few were betrayed by their friends and some were just caught up with bad luck! Well, being unhappy is not going to solve anything... Forget it and try not to follow the footsteps of the bad and learn how to prevent such things from happening again in the future... Well, I know things are easier said than done but only YOU can change the way YOU think and Live life to the FULLEST! 

Like most people, I am not as perfect as what you guys think. There are also times when I get really mad, stressed, pressured and upset but the greatest part of all is I am able to overcome it all coz... Being happy and seeing the people around me happy is what life is all about... 簡單就是快樂!I guess being optimistic is not so bad after all :-) 

To everyone who are facing difficulties in life, Stay strong and Never Lose Hope because YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


Quote to share: -

People can't do something themselves, they wanna tell you you can't do it.

Don't ever let somebody tell you, you can't do something!

If you want something, just go and get it!!!



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