It has been quite some time since I watched a movie with my dad... 

MJ's 'This is it!' has always been in my 'must-do' list and I am glad to have watched in during Halloween's night :-) 

The theater was fully packed and I could feel everyone's excitement for MJ's final show! 

Throughout the show, I was extremely focused and was in awe of his attitude and capability! I could see an artist full of control of his own vision and he knew exactly what he wanted! Since this movie was only a rehearsal, not everything was being utilized like the lighting effect wasn’t shown to its 100% and he was required to conserve his voice and energy for the tour itself. However, what was really amazing is that, in spite of these limitations, he is still FOCUSED that he would imagine himself performing live in front of the audience! Every second, he was able to pick up every single detail in which other professionals on stage would have left out and he would say "That's why we have a rehearsal!" :-) 

Because none of the footage in this movie was ever intended for public viewing, I guess we are able to feel how a person he was. Although being a perfectionist, I could see how he treated everyone around him with full respect, even when things weren't going right. I guess, sometimes, we just have to understand that not everyone think the same way as we does,right? Furthermore, what's amazing was when he knew the crew felt nervous working with such a perfectionist like him, he did try to reduce their pressure by telling them that the concert is an adventure for everyone and there is nothing to be nervous about! How nice and considerate of him to do that :-) I could feel that his only goal is to put on the best show possible for his fans and to make everyone happy and entertained by sharing his talents to the best of his ability! 

As an artist myself, I find every second of this movie very motivating and the above is just a small portion of what i have learnt! I see a man ready to take the world by storm, a man of endless creativity but still putting 200% hardwork in every aspect of his job. It's the first time seeing no one leaving the movie theatre until the movie completely ends... We just can't see enough of Michael Jackson!!! I believe everyone who watched this movie will feel like they lost a little something in their life which is being not able to watch the complete version of 'This Is It' concert anymore! 

Thus, I would like to express my greatest appreciation to all those who have attended our previous concerts! Thank you so much for cherishing all these opportunities because honestly speaking, no one knows when will be our next concert... I cherish all these moments and to me, every concert is like the last because no one knows what will happen next! 

We are really LUCKY... Really lucky that Fahrenheit Fantasy Tour took place in so many cities and most important of all, our most recent concert in Taipei has been recorded on DVD and will be released soon! Throughout the tour, I was able to enjoy myself and though I was filled with nervousness, I was able to overcome bit by bit and YES... there is never a shortcut to these achievements... One has got to practice and work hard and the more we do that, the more accustomed to the task and confident we will become! Thanks for some of the positive comments... I will continue to work harder :-) 

Ever since I was young, Michael Jordan has influenced me to become a challenging person and someone who has the passion in competing but competing only with myself! There are people who would compare themselves with others but this is really not my cup of tea :-) In my view, comparing oneself with another is meant for those who are egotistic and those who could not bear to face failure in life! Instead, we should learn from others and we can compete with them but first and foremost, compete with yourself first :-) 

Also, we cannot control what other people say about us! Media, Fans, Friends, etc...They are not you and not all of them can understand you completely! As long as we are doing our best and not doing anything wrong, we have nothing to fear of. People who have neglected or criticized you before will one day realize their mistakes so Be nice and JUST BE YOURSELF and believe in what you are doing. Thats how i carried myself all these while and the past 4 years have been a milestone for me... dramas, albums, endorsements, concerts, movies and ALL OF YOU... INDEED breathtaking for MR. Goh Kiat Chun!!!!! 

Our last 2 months in 2009 - There are still pending jobs for me to accomplish and definitely lots of chances for us to meet together...Many traveling and exciting activities in Nov and Dec 09 :-) 

2010 - It will be the commencement of my movie "14 Blades" promotional activities and it has been more than a year since my debut movie was aired. I really cant wait...How about you? 

Well, Life is always a cycle...We always do the same thing, meet the same people but i hope each cycle will be better and more enjoyable than the last one...Let's anticipate for another new beginning ya :-) 

Quote to share: - 

This is it... Don't miss out too much in life :-)


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