Remember where I was and what I did back in June 2008? 

What about June 2009? 

And now, it's June 2010! 

If you guys can remember, you must be surprised that every June for 3 consecutive years, I've been filming in China! :-) 

However this time, it's not a movie! It's a drama and I know many might wonder why I am still interested as filming in a movie is always what I would dreamt of ever since I stepped into showbiz, right? Well, there are many reasons... you don't have to know all but I will still share some, ok? :-) 

I guess all of you know that I really love to explore, right? Especially in big cities where I could really see a lot and experience different cultures! Well, one of the reasons I've gained so much from filming this drama is the opportunity to get to know more about Shanghai :-) I'll be staying here for more than a month and it's really great especially when the world expo is on-going now! Millions of tourists will be visiting this city and most of the shops and restaurants are getting ready so I guess Shanghai is at its best at this point of time! Few days ago, I was spared with a 2-hours break during filming and my driver toured me around the city and right now, I'm getting more familiar with this great city! This feeling is so much similar to 2 years back when I was in Beijing for my WuShu training! Hopefully, I will have more opportunities to visit more cities in the future :-) 

Also, it feels like going back to where I first started with and that's where most of you came to know me. I know many of you have waited too anxiously for my next drama and here it is! Not only that, since the duration of a drama is about 10 times longer than a movie, I believe it is a great timing and opportunity for me to improve my acting skills! I've always wanted to spare some time to attend some acting classes, though this is not a real one I believe I will greatly benefit a lot from it! Another important reason is that both producer (Ah Ken) and director Wang are the key people who've influenced me a lot when I first started filming so it's a great feeling to work together again and produce a better piece of work than before! Like what Ah Ken always says, "我們都是放感情的啦!" Hahaa! 

As most of you know, the name of this drama was supposed to be 陽光小妹 but it was later changed to 陽光天使! Guess who's the one who suggested for a new title? Yeah, it's me... haha! Honestly, I don't really like the idea of having the words '小妹' thus after consulting with Ah Ken and without thinking too much, I thought of the words '天使' and said, "陽光天使都好過陽光小妹啦!“ And who knows he agreed as well and supported with my decision... haha! Well, it may not be the most ideal name for this drama but since I've always treated you guys as my '天使' , this sure is meaningful to me :-) 

It has been some time not having such tremendous pressure from filming... Maybe this role is extremely challenging for me, maybe it's a 'Drama' comeback or maybe it's coz I've got many other things I wanna do at this moment but gotta sacrifice them! Sigh, 有時候會覺得為什麼要把自己搞得這麼累! 可能是想挑戰自己, 可能是一個成就感, 還是想讓自己去承受害怕和壓力... 我也不知道 :-) 有壓力才會成長... Yeah, I know that and I am glad to receive so much encouragement from many of you lately and words like, "加油... 不要給自己太大的壓力! 盡力就好!” really gave me POWER and COMFORT! Though many of you say the same thing all the time but each time I feel supported, 我覺得很安慰... 謝謝你們! 

Yeah, i know... 有得必有失! Not everyone's life is perfect but no matter what we are doing, we will never get 'WRONG' by giving our best... 一起加油吧!Think positively and try to love what we are doing... 明天會更好 :-) 

Quote to share:- 

"The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism!" - by Norman Vincent Peale


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