Movies have always brought me into a different perspective on life... Enabling me to experience life which is so different and... The movie I'm filming now is again another different era...

3 movies, 3 different eras...


I am a LUCKY MAN :-)


Now, lets talk a little about 大武生...

Errm, not on the story ok... haha! Gonna share with my guardian angels about my current feelings...

Yeah, I felt great :-)

Huge pressure from filming, a very challenging role, lots of exciting scenes, great filming crew, sufficient resting time and of course, lots of training during my free time!

I couldn't expect for more... i am staying very focused now and hope to make this character live into people's heart once the movie airs!

Focus Focus Focus!!!

  I've always believed Hardwork does pay off! I think the true joy of life is putting in effort into things you want to do and accomplishing it. Sometimes, I feel that part of my life belongs to the whole community now and I not only live for myself but also to all my guardian angels out there... You all have given me great motivation and it is my privilege to do the best I possibly can. Whenever I feel down, I would think of the things that you guys have said and done for me, likewise, I hope when you too are feeling down, I could give you power in some ways and remember, try not to take short cut...hahaa!

Dont doubt it... The harder u work, the more u live!

Oh ya, I would like to thank so many of you who have helped me to fulfill my birthday wish! During my birthday party, we donated NTD525,802 plus many other daily necessities for kids who require our support! And on top of that, I received more than hundreds of charity receipts as my birthday gift! Kudos to all my guardian angels :-) This is one of the most meaningful birthdays I've ever had and it will certainly make me happy for a very long time :-) How about you? Don't you think it's a great thing to do? Making me so happy and at the same time, u make others happy too! WELL DONE :-)


因為有你 所以有愛
因為有愛 所以圓滿

Last of all, 老話一句... Eat a powerful breakfast every morning, eat more fruits & vegetables and drink more warm water :-) Wow, I really miss saying that... When was the last time mentioning this in my blog? Haha! Anyway, weather is getting colder for some of you so be a responsible person, take care of yourself and dont let your loved ones worry about you, ok!

Quote to share: - Pablo Picasso said "I am always doing things I can't do, that's how I get to do them."


中文翻譯轉載自  5iCE- 加東粉絲




三部電影 三種不同的世代





哦 不是要來談故事情節 哈哈..!我只是要跟我的守護天使們分享一下我最近的一些感想… 

耶, 我覺得很棒拍片的壓力很大, 很具有挑戰性的角色. 很多興奮激動的場景, 很棒的劇組, 有充分的休息時間, 當然在空檔時還有許多的訓練  


專注 專注 專注!!!

我向來相信認真就有代價!! 生命中的喜悅來自於你對於一件事情的努力並完成它. 有時覺得我現在不僅僅是為我自己而活有一部分是屬於群體還包括我的守護天使們…你們一直給我很大的動力而這就是我凡事可以盡力而為的最大優勢。 當我在情緒低落的時候我會想到你們曾對我說的話跟做的事, 同樣地,我希望當你也感到沮喪時,我可以在某種形式上給你一些力量不過記住不要抄近路喔…哈哈。。

不要懷疑…. 一分耕耘 一分收穫

喔 對了,我要謝謝你們這麼多人幫我完成我的生日願望! 在我的生日會上我們捐出了台幣525,802元整加上很多日常用品給那些需要我們伸出援手的孩子們!最重要的一點,我收到了幾百張的慈善收據做為我的生日禮物!所有的榮耀都歸於我的守護天使們:-)

這是我有史以來最有意義的生日之一當然這會讓我開心很久很久的。。。 你們覺得呢?

你不覺得這樣做真的很開心?讓我這麼開心而同時你也讓別人幸福! 做的真好:-)

因為有你 所以有愛

因為有愛 所以圓滿 

最後,老話一句…每天都要吃活力早餐,多吃些水果蔬菜還有多喝水 哇,我還真懷念我說這些…上次我在部落格提起是多久前的事了?哈哈!總之,有些人那邊的天氣越來越冷了所以要當個有責任感的人好好照顧自己不要讓那些愛你的人為你擔心了,ok?





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