Time flies... Ho Ho Ho!!! Christmas time is here again!!! I will be one of the chefs for Christmas night dinner this year and will be celebrating Christmas with my family on the 25th night as I've got too much work to do for my new born baby today :-) How about you guys? Must be having a wonderful christmastime + a countdown party for Christmas... haha! Merry Christmas yeah, all my loving angels :-)

Few more days to go and its 2011... 

Sad to say good bye to 2010... 

Spent lots of good times with all of you this year, release of our 4th Fahrenheit album, filming of 陽光天使 in Shanghai, Taiwan and Okinawa and last of all, the movie 大武生 which just filming in Shanghai! 

Don't know why I'm feeling very emotional knowing that 2010 is going to be over soon... Maybe it's because I cherish everything more than before and TIME is such a sensitive and precious thing to me... 最近看了唐山大地震,對一句台詞有了深刻的感觸... 沒了,才知道什麼叫沒了!

There are many things that one can do but one needs to learn to sacrifice something every now and then... Ever since losing my mum, everything seems so fragile to me! I don't wanna lose anything more but I know it's mission impossible! 2010 has been a busy year for me and maybe I need to balance it a bit in 2011... I need to spend some time with my family, don't you agree? Well, my dad is getting older that's why I really need to keep him company. During the past 5 years, 50% of my time was on showbiz, 40% on my angels and 10% only on my family... 真的覺得很對不起家人,自己誇張!I believe most of you will be supportive if i adjust it to 33.33% on showbiz, 33.33% on my angels and on 33.33% my family right? This way, I am able to share all my love for my job, my angels and my family equally... haha! 

Now, let's talk about Fahrenciti! Is it going to shut down just like that? Well, 沒了,才知道什麼叫沒了 but I won't let it end just like that!!! I'm really sad that 31st Dec will be the last day at Fahrenciti because it has been OUR HOME for so long especially when all of you making friends from here and becoming more and more united!!! All of us have been so comfortable with this home and many worry that we will be homeless next year! GKC will not let this happen for sure because I love to communicate with my angels and this is also one of the best way for me to recharge and power myself up... Although it's really sad that this will be my last blog at Fahrenciti, I still got to thank all of you for the good times we've had here! This is where the word 'My Guardian Angels' came from... My greatest appreciation to all my guardian angels and of course, Fahrenciti!!!

During the past few months, I have spent great amount of time designing and constructing our new home... I hope it's gonna be better and more comfortable :-) Our new home is gonna be ready in Jan...GET READY for www.chunzone.com!!!




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When u speak about love, it's never too late,

When u speak about dream, it's never too late, 

Follow your heart!





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