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Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Datin Hjh Adina Othman (2nd L) witnessing the signing of Memorandum of Agreement between NCB Director,Hj Abdul Aziz (2nd R) and the owner of Fitness Zone, Wu Chun (L) held at Narcotic Control Bureau, Rimba. Picture: BT/Zamri Zainal



Sunday, May 8, 2011 

THE Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) and Fitness Zone have joined hands to veer young Bruneians away from illegal drugs. 

A Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) was inked yesterday between Brunei's enforcement agency and Fitness Zone to start a partnership programme to promote both a healthy and drug-free lifestyle among the youths. 

On hand to sign the agreement was NCB Director Hj Abd Aziz OKMB Hj Othman and Fitness Zone Managing Director Wu Chun. 

NCB Assistant Director of Preventive Drug Education Osmawi Hj Osman told The Brunei Times the reason for the signing of the agreement was to focus on healthy lifestyle, and hoped that Fitness Zone will become a channel where their message was going to be distributed. 

"Both of us (NCB and Fitness Zone) are going to promote each other. Through their programmes, they can promote to youths about staying away from drugs, while NCB will campaign on a healthy lifestyle," he said. 

"We now have an agreement to work together, and if we need them to promote fitness programmes, then we will do it together," he said, adding they will also be going to schools. 

Osmawi explained that Wu Chun was someone with influence, and NCB will nail the opportunity to reach out to more people. 

"From now on, we are hoping that through Fitness Zone, we can reach out to more people by educating them not only on fitness but also the use of proper use of control drugs during exercise. We hope in the future, other associations will be involved with us in a partnership programme," he said. 

"So it will benefit not only us, but also both parties. In the long-term, we want the whole community to be free from drugs," he added. 

In his speech, he said, "NCB is one agency that has been given the roles and responsibilities in handling the matters relating to smuggling and misusing of illegal drugs. At the same time, NCB would not be able to run its missions and responsibilities without the cooperation from a number of different parties in this country." 

"In that regard, NCB sees the aspect of maintaining the relationship and cooperation among every level in this country, as a crucial and important matter especially when the attempt of spreading and reaching out to the community are involved," he added. 

He explained numerous efforts have been carried out, including working hand-in-hand with certain parties whether they are government sectors, private sectors or even non-government organisations (NGOs). 

Speaking on yesterday's MoA signing, he said, "Obviously Fitness Zone is capable to become the channel or agent for NCB's mission in disseminating information relating to misusing of drugs, especially the hazardous factors behind them. The main target group here will especially be the youths, since recently with the trend of being healthy is implemented and campaigned by our own ministers, thus, Fitness Zone will be the right channel for this task." 

He cited the opening event of Fitness Zone's centre in Kg Delima, where NCB had successfully managed to spread the information on the misuse of drugs to the audience. 

"NCB also believes in being innovative and creative in spreading any information and thus, uses the tactics of conducting quizzes, games and through attractive posters and leaflets for the audience to understand better, especially to the drug effects as well as the the current issue, International Drug Syndicate," he said. 

He underscored NCB's full support towards Fitness Zone's main target, which was to motivate people of all ages to stay healthy, be fit and aim for healthier lifestyle. 

"NCB believes by being healthy, especially through the state of mind and body, the individual will definitely stay away from the negative factors which may surround his or her life,which involves staying drug-free particularly," he said. 

Osmawi added, "NCB also hopes and aims to implement ample understanding and realisations to the community, especially the youths since they are the future beholders of the country. Imagine how we, as parents, will definitely feel proud and relieved if our own children lead a healthy and drug-free lifestyle, thus creating a harmonious and proactive community as the end result." 

Also present to witness the signing was Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Datin Hjh Adina Othman.

The Brunei Times


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