Wu Chun & ISB pledge for "Green" 

It was a touching moment for students of ISB students as they had the opportunity to host the ever popular figure in Brunei and Asia, Wu Chun himself, who was in Brunei for a short trip. Wu Chun who is also concern about the environment, pledges for Fitness Zone to go green. He was interviewed by the students of ISB for the BGIC where he was being filmed. 

ISB has been heavily involved in promoting and creating awareness on "Going Green" and this has certainly created a stronger brand on ISB for their continuous support for improving the environment in Brunei. Having Wu Chun's presence really made a difference and this will boost and inspire students to practice "green" within themselves. 

The students interviewing Wu Chun on "Green" issues


Photo opportunity with superstar Wu Chun 

ISB students saying goodbye to Wu Chun




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