Couldn’t believe it… 

Filming just wrapped up!!! 

Salute to General Yang for this heroic yet touching story… 

3 solid months of fighting day and night with a group of good brothers and great filming crew… When director shouted, “Yang the 6th are done! That was your last shot for the movie!”, I was completely…STUNNED!!! Am glad to have accomplished such a great role in this movie but on the other hand sad that this has come to an end where everyone is just like a family! All of us cherished this opportunity and treated each other heartily and that is why we remained strong and positive even under tremendous hardship during filming! I really had a great time with everyone in this movie and its going to be another great memories kept deep inside GKC’s brain… 

Congratulations, GKC for accomplishing another challenge in your showbiz career :-) 

What’s NEXT?

Yeah, MAGIC to WIN!!! 

Cant wait for the premiere and YES, its going to be my own dubbed voice not only in mandarin but cantonese version too :-) 

Endless up-coming activities might make me feel tired physically but mentally, I am all fueled up with excitement!!! I will be traveling to lots of cities in the coming month… Lots of good food, meet and greet activities and interviews…Gonna see me pretty often so don’t feel bored yeah… haha! 

See ya :-)

Quote to Share 

All Beautiful Things Start From Heart
All Bad thing start from Mind
Never let the Mind rule your Heart
Let the Heart rule your Life



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