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我是來拜年還有拿紅包的 :-)


You know what? I did something super funny this year…

While I was driving and at the same time listening to Chinese New Year songs, there happened to be a part without any lyrics… And out of a sudden, I started to ‘RAP’… Although only a simple kind of rap it really blends into the music, Hahaaa :-)

Ok, Here u go…



Huat Zai , Huat Zai , Huat Zai ( 福建話 :發財,發財,發財 )
祝您今年大 Huat Zai!

The most funny thing is i actually recorded it down and had it sent to few of my close friends and considered it as my CNY greetings over the phone :-) I hesitated to send at first as its kinda shameful but eventually I still did as I know they will laugh out loud especially during the 1st day of CNY. Hope everyone 過個好年 :-)

你們想不想聽? Ok, I will save it on my phone and if one day, we have a Chun Zone activity that might be during CNY, I will share it with all of you….heheheeeheheeheheee :-)

So, are you ready to go 拜年, 拿红包, 吃喝玩樂??? Have a great time with your family and friends and YES, of course I’m gonna eat a lot of 幸福的美食 and SUPER 吃喝玩樂 :-)


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More Smile, More Love, More Hardwork and 龍年就會More收獲 :-)



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