Don't doubt… Of course I will drop by my blog during this most important day for all the Chinese people around the world!!! 

I cannot imagine how lucky I am to be able to spend Chinese New Year with my family here in Brunei! So lucky indeed… 

2 months ago… Management mentioned that I might not be able to go back as they probably would arrange work during the Lunar New Year! SIGH!!! 

Last month… Followed up with them but the answer is still a ‘NO’. 

3 weeks ago…They planned an autograph signing activity on the 8th of Feb... therefore the probability of me coming back is almost zero! 

2 weeks ago…. I kept trying to convince them to postpone the activity to the 9th so I could come back for 3 nights and finally, they agreed! Yes, I know it isn't easy for them so I really appreciate their thoughtful consideration! 

3 days ago… My plan was to come back on the 5th but everything changed at the very last minute! On the 4th, I went filming at 6am and told the director and the crew that if filming could end by 11am, I would change my flight back on the same say itself. My kind and thoughtful director was trying his best to help me fulfill my wish and it all worked out ‘PERFECTLY’! The next thing I was concerned was my air ticket as I knew the flight was very full but when I called my travel agent, there was 1 seat left from HK to Brunei... see how fortunate I was??? 

Don't know why I wanna share these with you guys but I must tell all of you… 

’NEVER LOSE HOPE’ if you believe in something or you want to achieve something, Never give up because there is always a chance as long as your heart doesn't stop pounding! 

As an artiste, I know there are many of you who have put in so much effort to support me in so many different ways and all these really mean a lot to me! During this special day, I want to wish my bosses, my colleagues, my lovely fan clubs and all my friends and supporters in every small corner of this globe a very Happy Chinese New Year filled with lots of Joy, Luck and Health! 

Quote to share: - 

‘There is never an end till your last breath… Keep Trying! ’ 

From Mr. Happy to all his Happy supporters :-)


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