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33 years old???

Yeah, not too young and definitely, not old at all :-)

Men at this age always find it as a turning point of their life. Many will ask themselves, “Am I on the right track? Is this what I really want in life?”

Well, I’ve asked myself the same questions too!!! How far should I go? More and more opportunities come as the entertainment industry is currently booming in the Chinese market… Should I grab hold of this timing or should I follow my own heart and do what I feel is RIGHT?

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Remember my previous blog?

I said I was a busy man…

Well, till now, I am still the very busy man but this time, I’m more like a ‘Family’ man!

Less Fitness Zone but more quality time spent with my family…

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Anybody Home?

我是來拜年還有拿紅包的 :-)


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Wow, its 2012…

Wish all my angels a Super Happy & Healthy 2012!!!

Yeah, many worried that 2012 will be the end of the world!!! If it’s true, so what? Won’t have the time to bother or worried about such an issue, yeah? All I know is we’ve got to live life to the fullest everyday!!!

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(中文翻譯: 尊樺開心酒店)

He sees you when you’re sleeping
He knows when you’re awake

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Couldn’t believe it… 

Filming just wrapped up!!! 

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活在这个地球32年了…最辛苦的还是我爸妈. They are forever my HERO!

During these 32 years of life, I believe I’ve done a lot of things compared to many others of the same age! For a Bruneian to go this far, I feel proud about it and I think it’s my will power and personality that makes me wanna challenge life and explore more because i always feel that the sky is the limit…Hahaa! Well, I just couldn’t stop and really don’t know when to actually slow down… Honestly, it’s kinda scary when I think of it sometimes but at the same time excited and proud, whether success or failure because to me, it’s never the ‘AGE’ that makes someone more matured and intelligent but it’s the life changing experiences that makes one know more about his/her inner self!

Just like what the great Apple inventor Steve Jobs said, ” Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!” Fully agree with this statement! Although i don’t exactly know what he means but based on my understanding, i think one should always stay hungry for improvement and never think you are already too good in something. Be humble and never stop learning in life!

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Remember what day is today? Yes, it’s my mother’s 9 years death anniversary… Don’t worry, I’m not sad :-) My mother would not want to see me sad if she is still alive… She would wanna to see me STRONG and WELL!!!

Thinking back of all the memories, I could remember how she influenced me in so many many ways which made me the GKC i am today…要有一個寬容的心,要珍惜現在所擁有的,要懂得感謝,要滿足 and so many more…

Honestly, I am glad of who I am today, I’m a happy person and i will continue to be a better person! All these while, I’ve been trying my best to to be an artist, an idol or a role model hoping people would support me not only because of my looks… I’m a hard worker who cherish life a lot! Always try to be a better person is life’s long process and I love this challenges because this is what i want in life. It’s such a coincidence that I am an artist so I could influence some people but I’m not doing all these just because I am an artist… I’m doing all these because this is what my parents taught me to become and i enjoy that :-)

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2011/07/07 Wu Chun

Sunshine Angel is finally airing… 

Okinawa, Shanghai, Taiwan, Paragliding (nearly lost my life!), Diving in Okinawa, so many sports cars, so many beautiful sceneries, so many memories!!! 

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14th June – Its my Papa’s birthday!!!

He is 65 years old but might not look like 65 :-) Maybe when i am 65, i will look like 70 because i always think too much…hahaa! 

Its been years that i didnt celebrate his birthday with him…Guilty? Yes…Sometimes, we just cant have everything going our way! We have priorities in life and we need to make sacrifices but most importantly, we need to find ways to make up for all the sacrifices, agree? Thats why this year, i made a change in my priorities ranking and thats why all of you can see me spending more quality time in Brunei this year! To me, knowing how to cherish your everyday is like having a happy birthday everyday! I really wish i had the courage to say THANKS to my dad personally but i am such a coward when it comes to saying such thing…He has done so much for our family and i really want all my angels to wish him a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and the Best of HEALTH :-) 

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昨晚參加籃球聯賽...沒辦法完成比賽因為我抽筋了~ 肌肉到現在還在痛...哈哈!
早上6點 在雨中參加HSBC Cycle Run Walk 慈善活動 :-)
晚上是家庭晚餐...YumYum :-)
也享受你的星期日啊 :-)

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2011/05/16 at 11:39:01


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註: 所有吳尊在chunzone的網誌更新,版權歸屬吳尊及其經紀公司單位,在本網誌只是做個資料備份,請大家多多連結到原始網誌 (文章末端有附上連結) 有會員的成員也別忘了登入回應喔!

The damn disasters are always so ruthless… 

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  • Feb 04 Fri 2011 20:43

贺新年祝新年 新年啊年连年

爆竹声声 催人想幼年

贺新年祝新年 新年啊年连年

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老闆~ 你們是誰啊(笑)

Are you ready??? 

2011... Here we go!!! 

Thinking of the year 2011... full of excitements came to my thoughts and I know it's gonna to be another SUPER journey...

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Time flies... Ho Ho Ho!!! Christmas time is here again!!! I will be one of the chefs for Christmas night dinner this year and will be celebrating Christmas with my family on the 25th night as I've got too much work to do for my new born baby today :-) How about you guys? Must be having a wonderful christmastime + a countdown party for Christmas... haha! Merry Christmas yeah, all my loving angels :-)

Few more days to go and its 2011... 

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  • Nov 19 Fri 2010 23:01
  • 挑戰

Movies have always brought me into a different perspective on life... Enabling me to experience life which is so different and... The movie I'm filming now is again another different era...

3 movies, 3 different eras...


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文章日期: 2010/11/8 上午 12:38:44

在紐約四天 去了很多觀光客該去的地方

收拾起玩心 要開始上學了


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1010 miss his angel...

In the middle of advertisement shooting...

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