Feb and March 2008 - Real busy month for me!!! I am not only an artist and businessman but also like a flight crew! My first destination was Malaysia where we promoted Romantic Princess… From Malaysia, we traveled to Singapore to promote Romantic Princess too! Had such a happy feeling seeing the large number of people supporting this drama…. Many turned up at our activities but unfortunately, the weather wasn't very nice as it was always raining! Felt so pity to many of you and hope no one fell sick! During the Malaysia trip, the food there really made me felt so close like home…Satay, Nasi Goreng Pattaya, Penang Kway Tiaw, etc. I was excited during the trip as I've always loved introducing local food to others, and this time to Eric and George... YUM YUM!!! 

In Singapore, I suddenly had a special feeling too! There was a point of time when I was down coz I recalled my stay in Singapore back then! To be honest, I really miss walking down the streets… the smell, the atmosphere and most importantly, the places where I used to go to! It somehow made me ‘Miss’ being a normal guy like everyone else! Good thing was I managed to go back to Brunei for 3 days… Again, I made good use of my time in Brunei and live everyday to the fullest... Family, Business and of course Food again… haha! On my way back to Taiwan, I had to make a transit in Singapore for 3 hours. Without hesitation, I decided to drop-by Orchard Road… had takeaways especially my favourite Hainanese Chicken Rice, PoPiah, Tau Suan and went for a quick window shopping around the city ☺ That 3 hours, I realized everything was so precious! Like what I used to say…Treasure/Cherish our everyday life and Never take things for granted! 

After that, we went to HK! My 1st overseas Drama promotion was Hanakimi and it was held in HK last year. I still remember how shocked and happy I was to see so many people and to most of them, it was our first interaction! This year… our Romantic Princess activity was at the same venue in HK and that really brought back a lot of memories…Its indeed a very touching feeling! 

Traveling to these familiar countries and having met so many New and recognizable faces, I am still so excited and happy as ever! Its actually very tiring but seldom feel those tiredness til all activities are over late at night! However, there are still countries which I don't have time to visit yet… I'm happy that the Philippines and USA have started airing Hanakimi and also Romantic Princess in Guang Zhou n few parts of china soon… Again, I did try my best to convince my company to allow me to do promotional activities in these countries and though my initial attempt failed, I will not give up and hope it will be a reality for all us to meet up one day, yeah! 

Last of all, our Fahrenheit official website, http://www.fahrenciti.com is finally up and running! You will find lots of first-hand information such as activities, behind-the-scenes pictures and video clips. Many plans are still in process so check it out more often, ok? Honestly, I can see our company putting in a lot of effort to make sure this website will have what you guys are hoping for. I believe in trials and errors so please kindly give us time and also your valuable opinions ok! 

Quote to Share: - 

"Life is not about how hard you can hit.

Life is about how much you can get hit and moving forward!"

Always do your best and Never Give Up!


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