After 3 years in showbiz, I can say that it is really not easy for me! The duration is neither short nor long. However, this career has given me full of hardship along with touching and joyful moments! It has given me the chance to know so many of you and to let the people around this world get to know a very simple guy from a small country like Brunei... hahaa!

During the past 3 years, I have to admit that I experienced a lot and when I come to think of it, all these experiences happen not only from my hardship but from all the great opportunities and the support from all of you! From my 1st drama and Fahrenheit’s 1st album to my 3rd drama and Fahrenheit’s 2nd album and now my 1st movie and Fahrenheit’s Asia concert tour…Wow, its unbelievable! Honestly, I really do cherish every single moment and always hope to make myself better. I really don't know why I am giving myself all these pressure. It’s indescribable… 
maybe it's due to the huge sacrifice of parting with my family…
maybe it's the culture of this biz…
maybe it's the support from all of you…
maybe I am trying to challenge myself to do things I have always been always of doing! 
Whatever it is, I am really grateful to everyone who supported me all these while, many who influenced me and I have always told myself that I need to absorb as much as possible because everything that happens around us everyday is a lesson and learning experience. I always tell myself try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.

My debut movie is about to wrap up soon… Such a nice crew along the way and of course, I can now feel that I will miss each and every filming moment with all these wonderful people! Filming this movie has been the happiest decision I have made and though I don't know what the outcome will be... like what I've always said, I did my best so what’s important to me is the experience that I encounter and the challenge… I met many nice people, 2 directors who are unbelievably thoughtful and hard working and most important of all, I find great satisfaction in my work as an actor because I am willing to learn and they are very willing to teach…Marvelous! Michael Jordan once said "You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them." Hey Michael, I am listening! Hahaha :-)

Having traveled to various cities in China for the past 2 months, it has given me different feelings and memories. I realized that in many places there are still people who are living a very simple life… Maybe they live their whole life without shopping or entertainment... but still... they do spend time with their family, growing fruits and veges and even selling a big basket of strawberries for only RMB5! Hey, what's wrong with that? Are you able to adapt to this kind of life? Yes or No? Well, when you think of it... that's the life they had ever since they were born into this world. I did approach few and had a short chat with them and they are happy with their life…that's all that matters, isn’t it? It really proves that happiness can be very simple. It's actually up to you if u wants to be happy or not… For me, life in showbiz is very complicated but I guess I am lucky that I am from Brunei and I have always and will try to live a simple life because I think being simple is the key to happiness…Try it ☺ Fight for your happiness like a WARRIOR!
Well, I have been busy focusing on filming my debut movie for the past 2 months and…Tonnnnns of activities coming up and can't wait to meet all of you! YEAH, good good good..hahaa!!!

16 June ~ Beijing for Zespri Kiwi activity
17 June ~ Shanghai for Shanghai Film Festival
21 June ~ Taipei for Zespri Kiwi activity
12 - 14 July ~ Philippines for Romantic Princess promotion – OO, Andito na ako!!!
19 July ~ Kao Siong for Guerlain activity
26 July ~ Taipei for Guerlain activity
24 and 27 July ~ Taipei for Hotshot activity
28 and 29th July ~ Japan for Butterfly Lovers promotion
30 and 31 July ~ Korea for Romantic Princess promotion
2 Aug – Tai Chung for Guerlain activity

Quote to share: -

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but remember... it's never too late!"

"Anyone can start today and make a new ending." 


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