1st TIME… it's really my very 1st time opening up myself on the stage! Something that I have always been afraid to do but have always hoped to achieve! Zillion thanks to so many of you for helping me overcome this obstacle… Either your words of encouragement through letters, messages in the forums, flowers or the very powerful feedback of the concert. Without all these, it will be difficult for me :-) 

I've always understand that ‘Hardwork’ do pay off. Honestly, I cannot deny that the preparation for this concert is not sufficient enough and there is still much room for improvement! Sometimes, I really wish there are 2 WU CHUN! One performing on stage and the other me sitting with you guys enjoying the show and observing my performance… haha! As we still have more upcoming concerts in many cities, please do share with me any comments or suggestions so I can improve next time ya! 


The 'Big' time has come for Mr. October…


My Birthday

My debut movie showing on the big screen

My 1st ancient role

My 1st action packed love story

Butterfly Lovers!

It will be screening on the 9th of Oct, 1 day before my birthday (Hey, No need to buy me gifts k? Just help me promote this movie to everyone you know and pull them into the cinema ok? Haha)

Although tired with concert training recently, I never stopped requesting my company for allowing me do more promotions for this movie! I still remember the working spirit of the whole crew and it really drives me to do as much promotion as i can! I always believe in ' the more effort you put in, the closer you are to being more successful!' Well, It doesn't mean that you must be very 'Successful'... It's just that when u put in a lot of effort, it's a nice feeling when you can achieve what you aim for. Besides that, if you do more, you will experience more and learn more along the way and it’s definitely useful for you in the future, isn’t it? Well, that's my experience for the past 3 years in the showbiz J

I have seen part of the movie during dubbing and I could feel the difference between this movie and all my dramas in the past. Well, I'm not saying i did a good job in this role but I really learnt a lot which I think would be a big help me in my future acting performance and I guess you will see a different me in this movie as well…Hope you guys will ENJOY it as much as how I enjoy the filming process!!! 


Upcoming October activities- 我的天呀!!! 

5th HK - Butterfly Lovers Movie Premiere

6th Taiwan - Butterfly Lovers Movie Premiere

7th Guang Zhou - Butterfly Lovers Movie Premiere

8th Cheng Du - Butterfly Lovers Movie Premiere

9th Beijing - Butterfly Lovers Movie Premiere

11th Hang Zhou - Fahrenheit+SHE Concert

12th Shanghai - Fahrenheit Concert Press Conference

15th Singapore - Butterfly Lovers Movie Premiere

16th Brunei- Butterfly Lovers Movie Premiere (Wow, 1st time in Brunei, So excited!)

17th & 18th Malaysia - Fahrenheit Concert Press Conference


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