老闆~ 你們是誰啊(笑)

Are you ready??? 

2011... Here we go!!! 

Thinking of the year 2011... full of excitements came to my thoughts and I know it's gonna to be another SUPER journey...

After 5 years in showbiz, after 5 years of studies in melbourne, after 31 years of living in this planet, I guess I pretty much know what I want in my life... Year after year, I keep promising myself I've got to improve, to get closer to my dreams and to make life more meaningful not only for myself but also for all my loved ones! 

That's why I've always set short term goals for myself... Looking back, each of these steps or small success led to the next one and I gained a little confidence every time I came through! Yeah, I always try to take everything step by step and sometimes, failure gets me closer to where I wanna be coz I love to learn from failure and try not to give reasons but look for answers instead! 

Never ending thanks to my family, my guardian angels, my colleagues and my friends who've been so patient and given me words of encouragement whenever I needed... A big thanks to Michael Jordan and all the good role models out there who influenced me in every little way! Yeah, it's very important that we accept and treat everyone we meet along our journey with respect, whether its a nice person or a bad person... coz we learn how not to commit mistakes from a bad person's behavior and we certainly need to learn how to do good things from a nice person attitude, right? Challenge yourself, challenge 2011 yeah! :)


Full of excitements in 2011???


Yeah, Wu Chun of 2011 is anticipating his drama and movie to air and of course, new film project is coming too so it's gonna be another busy year! Most importantly, our new home CHUNZONE will be up and running as well... I've got tons of ideas for our new home but please give us time to implement it... hahaa! January is just the starting month so there are many things that aren't ready yet but I promise all my angels I will try my best to build a great 2nd home for all of us :) I can imagine us having gatherings whether big or small in different cities and wouldn't it be great if we could do outdoor charity events together too? Like what I've said, Step by step and with our heart being united, I am sure we can achieve everything together :)


2011, let it be our Super Year!!!


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Live strong, be a good listener, stay healthy, love life, share your love... Live 2011 with no regrets!!!





2011... 我們來了!!!


想到2011年... 就充滿許多興奮的想法,而且我知道這一定會是另一段精彩的超級旅程...


進入娛樂圈5年、在墨爾本念書5年、在這個星球上生活了31年之後,我想我已經滿清楚知道我的 人生想要的是什麼... 每年我都答應自己一定要更進步,要更接近自己的夢想並讓生命更有意義, 不只為了自己,也是為了我所愛的人!


所以我都會訂下短程目標...回想起來,每一步以及每次小小的成功會連結著下一個,我也在每次 達成目標後會增加一點點信心! 嗯,我會試著做任何事都一步一步來,而有時,失敗也會帶領我 更接近目的地,因為我愛在失敗中學習,不是找藉口而是要找出問題的答案!


我要給我的家人、守護我的天使們、我的同事及朋友無止盡的感謝,他們總是很有耐心地陪伴 我,並在我需要的時候給我鼓勵... 要大力地感謝Michael Jordan以及在各方面影響我的所有好的 典範! 嗯,我覺得尊重人生旅程中遇到的每個人是很重要的,不管對方是好人還是壞人... 因為從 壞人身上我們學到不要犯同樣的錯,更在好人身上學到做好事的態度,對嗎?? 挑戰自己, 挑戰 2011 yeah! :)




沒錯,2011的吳尊很期待連續劇及電影上檔,當然還有許多新的工作會開使進行所以又會是忙碌 的一年! 最重要的是,我們的新家CHUNZONE也要開張了... 對於我們的新家我有一大堆想法,但 請給我們一些時間去實現... 哈哈哈!  1月只是開始的第一個月所以還有很多東西還沒準備好,但 我答應我所有的天使們,我會盡最大的力量讓我們第二個家可以很棒 :) 我已經在想像我們在大大 小小不一樣的城市聚會,如果可以辦一個戶外的慈善活動是不是也很棒? 就像我所說的,我們一步一步,並將全部的人心結合在一起,我知道我們可以一起完成所有的事 :)


2011, 讓它成為我們的超棒的一年!!!



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