Wu Chun leads Fitness Zone staff at tree-planting

By James Kon

Fitness Zone staff in a group photo during the campaign.

Wu Chun and a young girl planting a sapling. - PHOTOS: JAMES KON

Wu Chun, local-born acclaimed international singer, led a group of Fitness Zone staff and members in a green initiative tree-planting campaign on Wednesday afternoon.

About 20 members including a four-year-old daughter of one the members along with five staff took part in the campaign and planted 76 trees.

According to Wu Chun, Fitness Zone is doing a lot to save the environment and he would like to encourage others to do their bit in saving the Earth.

"I feel good after participating in green campaigns. Whenever I come back home, I always plan to do as much charity work as possible because it will be more difficult to do it overseas due to my tight schedule," he said.



Fitness Zone goes Green 

Fitness Zone has taken its "Go Green" initiative out of the premises of the fitness club to the Berakas Forest Reserve, Berakas.As early as 7am yesterday, armed with shovels and tree saplings, some 20 club members as well as Fitness Zone's owner, superstar Wu Chun, and five staff embarked on a project to help create a greener environment. Working as a team, the group planted 76 trees along the coast line of the forest reserve.

"This is the first outing for Fitness Zone under the 'Go Green' initiative. We used to distribute papers for the schedules of the classes for members but now, we have stopped that and posted them online," explained Wu. He further added that the first step of raising the awareness was done internally and Fitness Zone encouraged its members to do the same. 

"We are planning to do some more (tree planting). We are also going to set up a charity committee," added the fitness club owner as he talked about some of the future plans that are in the pipeline, an ongoing contribution by Fitness Zone towards the environment and the society. Text and images by Zatty Jo.



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