Remember my previous blog?

I said I was a busy man…

Well, till now, I am still the very busy man but this time, I’m more like a ‘Family’ man!

Less Fitness Zone but more quality time spent with my family…

I am sure all of you are aware of how happy I would be if i could plan out a family vacation, right? Yeah, it was the right timing last month coz of the school holidays and fortunately I’ve had everything planed out well ahead of time at the beginning of the year!

Recently, it was Ching Ming Festival and as most of you know, I’ve always hoped to pay respect to my mum in KK with my whole family and this year we managed to do it again thanks to the school holidays :-) Not only that, I managed to pay respect to my ancestors as well in Brunei. I remember the last time I did that was way back when I wasn’t an artiste yet! Waking up at 5am and and driving all the way to Tutong, the town where parents and siblings used to stay at before i was born! Met all my relatives at the cemetery and after that, we spent some time at a very old coffee shop for breakfast… Yeah, I was filled with joy as I miss those days!

Besides that, our 5 days 4 nights Singapore trip was simply superb… I did some research before the vacation and found out there was a Children’s Expo thus I brought the kids there even if there is a huge crowd but of course, with a mask on…hahaa! We also ate at many nice restaurants where I would normally go to during my promotional activities and shared some of my interesting stories with them too during our meal time! 5 days of pure enjoyment with all family members is indeed priceless to me! I still remember the last time when our whole family went to Singapore together was when we had to bring my mother for her medical treatments.

If you were to ask me if I wish my mother was with us during those great moments? Definitely the answer is YES, but I now understand and accept that it is not going to happen so why am i still so happy? I am happy because I know she is watching us and happy to know how well all of us lived! I know she will miss us a lot but she will smile when she knows we are all doing ok with our life!

Honestly, there are not many artistes who are willing to take the risks by taking such a long break from their showbiz career but during the 24 years of my life, my mother had taught me how to live a well-balanced life and most importantly, to follow my own heart! She taught me how to live in authenticity rather than illusion and she also taught me how to be thoughtful of others and how to stay contented which i think is the most important basic to lead a simple but happy life!

She is proudly the kind of mother that not only puts her children on top of the list but will do whatever it takes to make sure we can be on our own when the time comes and i believe her absence now is again, another sacrifices to teach us how to climb up when we are at our weakest and a wake up call for us to be alert of our own shortcomings and to stay super strong and remain positive in our life! Yes, it really changed my life upside down and I can feel my life is now filled with genuine interactions and a life that is full with joy, contentment and hopefully, a life that can create a positive impact on others!

Although she is not here anymore, I still want to celebrate her birthday every year because i know she is always there watching over me and of course, I know what she want for her present…

Yes mama…I am a Happy-Healthy GKC and i believe you can see that :-)

Happy Birthday Mama and i’ll always love you!

Quote to share

The Kindest thing you can do for the people you love is to become a happy, joyous person.

Brian Tracy


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