33 years old???

Yeah, not too young and definitely, not old at all :-)

Men at this age always find it as a turning point of their life. Many will ask themselves, “Am I on the right track? Is this what I really want in life?”

Well, I’ve asked myself the same questions too!!! How far should I go? More and more opportunities come as the entertainment industry is currently booming in the Chinese market… Should I grab hold of this timing or should I follow my own heart and do what I feel is RIGHT?

From some of your letters, I was told to be more active and more exposed in the entertainment world due to the fact that I’m starting to lose more and more supporters should I remain stagnant. Honestly, I dont carry the kind of mentality that in order for me to maintain the no. of supporters, I need to be more exposed in showbiz. This doesn’t motivate me at all coz I am always thankful that Fate brought us together and we once got to know about each other’s life and have then left a special place in our memories :-)

If you really wanna know… being an artiste, what truly motivates me is the impact that I have made, whether big or small, to the lives of so many of you who have been supporting me all these while! Maybe it’s because Michael Jordan influenced me so much in a good way or maybe its because I have been in the powerful fitness industry for so many years which really ‘INSPIRE’ me to transform the people surrounding me… STRONGER!

Actually, both Showbiz and Health Club are part of the so called ‘Service industry’ and this is the most ‘HEADACHE’ industry of all because we are dealing with the most complicated creature in the world, HUMAN! Luckily, I am very passionate about what I am doing and have been able to stay optimistic and find great satisfaction with all the challenges I have had! At the end of the day, it’s not the years in our lives that counts! It’s the life in our years and that’s the reason why I chose to ‘HAVE A LIFE’, a life of  a normal person like what all of you experienced daily and a life that helps me find happiness in a simple environment.

Alright… Lets get back to 1010… It’s GKC day!!!

Do you know what I did today?


I woke up around 10am and went shopping for ingredients that I need for dinner. After that, I had a simple lunch with my family at home and right after that, I decorated the house for party. At around 4pm, I was transformed into CHEF CHUN preparing 4 yummy dishes and at 7pm, I became the VIP of the night :-)


Well, Many told me that I should relax and enjoy on my  birthday but I am just the total opposite :-) I enjoyed every single moment and it made me very happy indeed! Just like our ChunZone birthday party in taiwan…They told me to get an experienced MC so everything will run smoothly and there will be no pressure on my side but I decided to do it on my own… It’s CHUNZONE party and ‘our party’ means YOU & ME, we will be the only VIP of the night thus it would be best to just go out there and have the most pure-simple party we could come out with. Sorry if the party made you YAWN… heheeee!

By the way, anyone noticed the opening song “I AM ALIVE”  by Celine Dion that I chose? The reason is simple… In Brunei, what made my life wonderful is my family. When out of Brunei, you guys are the heroes who made me feel so much ALIVE especially when the challenges get tougher! At the ChunZone birthday party, I was thrilled and filled with joy to see so many familiar faces…Some new, some old and some whom I haven’t been seeing for quite some time. I request for a cake made like a house because i believe we are like one big family living inside ChunZone :-)


After the party, a lot of touching memories came back to me and after so many years…’We are still HERE’! I know it takes a very strong willpower to make this happen… 謝謝你們的堅持!



GKC is a happy man because…


You gave me wings and made me fly 
You touched my hand I could touch the sky 
I lost my faith, you gave it back to me 
You said no star was out of reach 
You stood by me and I stood tall 
I had your love I had it all 
I’m grateful for each day you gave me 
Maybe I don’t know that much 
But I know this much is true 
I was blessed because I was loved by you 

You were my strength when I was weak 
You were my voice when I couldn’t speak 
You were my eyes when I couldn’t see 
You saw the best there was in me 
Lifted me up when I couldn’t reach 
You gave me faith ‘coz you believed 
I’m everything I am 
Because you loved me



Thank you for believing in me….That’s the best birthday gift I ever hoped for :-)


Last but not least, just like the old days…

Remember to drink more water and eat more fruits ok :-)




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