14th June – Its my Papa’s birthday!!!

He is 65 years old but might not look like 65 :-) Maybe when i am 65, i will look like 70 because i always think too much…hahaa! 

Its been years that i didnt celebrate his birthday with him…Guilty? Yes…Sometimes, we just cant have everything going our way! We have priorities in life and we need to make sacrifices but most importantly, we need to find ways to make up for all the sacrifices, agree? Thats why this year, i made a change in my priorities ranking and thats why all of you can see me spending more quality time in Brunei this year! To me, knowing how to cherish your everyday is like having a happy birthday everyday! I really wish i had the courage to say THANKS to my dad personally but i am such a coward when it comes to saying such thing…He has done so much for our family and i really want all my angels to wish him a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and the Best of HEALTH :-) 

Today is also a special day for me…After resting for so many months, i got a new challenge! Its the 1st time for me to film in HK, 1st movie for 2011 and 1st non-contemporary movie. Its also one of the directors that i wish to work with and thats one of the main reason! I am really nervous but there is always a first time for everything and this time, i believe its going to be a very unique and exciting experience for me! Remember i mentioned in my previous blog about going outside our comfort zone in order to improve and dont be afraid to go for our dreams, right? Yes…This is it :-)

Lastly, there are few activities recently which allow me to see many of you…Some familiar ones and some are new faces but most importantly, everyone 都很給力啦! I know it takes a lot of courage and effort to give your support and i really feel ‘happy and grateful’ inside my heart! Why only ‘Inside’ my heart? Well, i think i am in no position to give pressure to any of you…of course i am very happy when i see my angels at my activities but I am also happy to read all the encouraging messages at CHUNZONE! I seldom say things such as ‘I am really happy that you can come OR ask u all to turn up at my activity to give me power?’ Honestly, if you dont come, i wont feel unhappy…To me, its the heart that counts! Look at how Michael Jordan means to me? He has been my super idol for 18 years but I met him twice only but he is still my number 1 idol inside my heart n it never CHANGE! Of course, who wouldnt be happy if their supporters is going that extra mile to support their idol,right? I just hope none of you will think that i am more distant from any of u or dont care if you exist or not ok? My Wish – I hope ChunZone will always exist and who knows maybe in the next 10 years, my angels can play games with my children at our CZ activities..hahaaa!


Quote to share -

To dream anything that you want to dream. That’s the beauty of the human mind. To do anything that you want to do. That is the strength of the human will. To trust yourself to test your limits. That is the courage to succeed. – by Bernard Edmonds 


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